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It can be quite a shock when sitting down for your wedding invitation consultation if you haven’t done any research. Most of the time, there isn’t any issue once we talk about the reason why invitations cost what they do, but it is easy to question it when you have so many other options – online services, DIY, etc.

If you have more questions, I want to explain it simply. When you hire an invitation designer, you are not only buying paper – you are paying for experience. Have you ever tried to upload photos to Costco only to go and pick them up and the colors are wrong, they are cropped funny, and the quality is not what you’d expect.

When you hire a professional invitation designer, you get peace of mind. We will handle all the etiquette, the wording, the layout, and more. We use the best programs (no Microsoft Word or Publisher is used here).

If you’re thinking about DIY, you’ll need to account for all the supplies, the assembly, and of course the design time.

Once you hire a designer, you can be rest assured that they will take care of all the details – aligning the text, assembling the cardstock, and even adding the embellishments with the best tools and supplies.

Finally, with a designer, you have access to an artist. You are not just paying for the paper, you get the talent and the eye of the designer. We can help come up with ideas that you may not have even considered while surfing the web.

While I want to help every bride put her own special touches on her big day, I would never want any of it to be stressful with a DIY project that is too big for you to handle.


Do you have questions about invitations or other wedding related items? Leave me a comment and I’ll feature your question next time on the blog.

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